108 Hillside Road (925)757-1969

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Sunday afternoon at Jason Ward's House --
Call to Jason for house address (925)301-5193

What's The Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a place to connect with other college aged believers and be able to sharpen each other. The focus is not primarily teaching, but rather biblical fellowship where people can talk about things that matter. The college group however does read through a book in the bible which gives others opportunities to speak and ask questions.

What To Expect

We meet at Jason Ward's house on Sunday evenings at 7p.m.You can expect a very laid back atmosphere. We share with each other Evidences of God (E.O.G.s), read through scripture, and talk about things pretaining to the Christian life style. We Encourage anyone in the age range to come to Jason's house and fellowship, even bring friends who are unbelievers.